All Things Beta

Features of our Beta build

Village Signup

Village Interface

Collect Resources

Construct all Buildings

Train Units

View World Map

Wage War

Destroy Barbarians

Loot your enemies

Send mail and communicate

Support your own Villages


Land Conquering

Resource Trading


Village Signup

Village signup is a streamlined process in Cryptoblades Kingdoms. You will come to the main login page, connect to the site with metamask then sign a nonce token to authenticate yourself. This will push you to the village signup screen, where you will be able to see a list of your owned land. You can view information about each village / Sign up or select a village to enter after signup from this page. Village Interface

The Village Interface is the first screen you will hit after signup. This is where most of the magic will happen. From this screen you will be able to do all actions; construct buildings, view information , train troops, see resources. When constructing you will also see a construction queue. When attacking or being attacked you will also recieve a notification troops are on their way. Collect Resources

There are only four types of resources in our Beta build. Clay, Wood, Stone, and Population. They will be the only currency required to interact with the game's features, and Beta's KING token (Gold) will not be necessary. Construct Buildings

Town hall - Main hub required to level other buildings
Headquarters - General hub (Unconfirmed feature)
Barracks - Train troops / Gain more train queue slots
Stone Mine - Gain more stone per hour
Clay Pit - Gain more clay per hour
Forest Camp - Gain more wood per hour
Church - Train missionaries to conquer new land
Storehouse - Increase max cap of each resource
Smithy - Reduce construction times and stats of units
Rally Point - Issue troop movements and increase the limit of sending troops
Farm - Increase maximum population of your village
Hidden stash - Hide away loot from invaders
Wall - Increase the defensive stats of your units
Trading Post - Trade resources for gold


There are different types of units in Cryptoblades Kingdoms

Spearman - Double damage to Paladin units.

Paladin - Double damage to Mage units.

Mage - Double damage to Archer units.

Archer - Double damage to Spearman units.

Mercenary - It has no strengths or weaknesses to other units.

Scout - Has no combat ability but can reveal information on an enemy.

Missionary - Converts Land to your Kingdom. World Map

The global map is the hexagonal canvas you see. Each hexagon can be a village or barbarian. There is a handy color coder to the right side of your screen to distinguish yourself against your enemies. Just click on their village and send troops at them to attack an enemy. You can also send support troops to your villages on this screen. Combat

When a player's army reaches an enemy target, the war will be calculated, and the player will receive a report in their in-game mail of what happened. This will show the total units of each player, units lost and resources plundered (If any). Then if there is a successful victory, your troops will return home with the spoils. Mail

You will be able to send mail to one another to communicate and form plans. Create alliances, betray neighbors. Nothing is off-limits in Beta. But as usual, please do respect one another; the war is on the map, not in the mails.

Resource Trading

Resource trading will work via the trading post, players can list their resources for gold which can then be bought by another player. The resources will take x amount of time to reach the other player and that "Transport" will be unable to be used again until completed. Market level = transport cap.


Guilds are a rather large feature, you can expect to see most of the features you'd expect and more;

  • Creation
  • Joining
  • Applicants
  • Roles
  • Player management
  • World map notifcations
  • Guild Support
  • Guild Stats
  • Player Stats


Scouting will enable a player to view detailed information about their enemy, scouts will only attack other scouts and will only reveal information on winning the battle. Information that will be displayed; Troop numbers, resources and building levels.

Village Conquering and Colonies

To conquer a village, certain criteria must be met:

  • The conquering village must not be conquered unless it is attacking its conquerer.
  • The attack must be succesful and the attacking army must include a Missionary unit.
  • The defending village must not be conquered already unless it's a Barbarian village (colony). In such a scenario, it becomes a colony of the latest attacker.

When a player village is conquered:

  • They lose a portion of their income (25% for example) and a portion of their max storage (25% for example). This will be used to send tributes to their conquerer.
  • Every 3 hours, a transport (if available) will be sent to towards the conquering village automatically with a resource type (the one that has max stashed).
  • If no transport is available, nothing will be sent and as soon as the "side storage" maxes out, the income returns to normal.
  • If the village is liberated, any resource in the "side storage" is credited back.
  • A conquered village cannot trade on the market; all transports are confiscated for tribute services.


  • A conquered village may rebel once every 7 days. If no attacks are lost within 3 days of the rebellion start, the village is set free.

Other ways to be set free:

  • Your conquerer being conquered.
  • Your conquerer freeing you.

When a barbarian village is conquered:

  • It becomes a colony; just like any village but has an additional cap on its building levels.
  • Owner of conquering village has full control over the colony (can train armies, attack, build etc...)
  • Colonies cannot build churches.
  • Colonies have levels (1 to 10) decided by the barbarian AI level of the village.
  • Building cap in colonies is the regular cap or the colony level whichever is smaller.
  • Colonies revert back to barbarians when freed.