Other Features


Players can let other players babysit their villages, whether on vacation or to have help managing them. If the player has a market when the babysitter is babysitting, they can sell resources on the market on the owners behalf. This would net them a small cut of the final KING value, which will go directly to each players wallet.

This feature is still tentative.

CBK Stats

Players can view global stats on a tool called "CBK Stats" (modeled after twstats). This site will include:

This feature may or may not be ready at launch.

Mail System

Cryptoblades Kingdoms mail system will allow players to communicate with eachother via an off-chain solution. Players will use either player nicknames or wallet addresses to identify and communicate privately with one annother, to communicate, plan and strategise their way to victory. We will offer a variety of mail functionalities one might expect from a mail application including but not limited too; sending mail, receieve mail, battle reports, mass mail announcements, forwarding and replying.

Undecided Features

Wallet Nicknames

Players will be assigned a randomly generated nickname on village signup to help identify them in Cryptoblades Kingdoms. Players will be able to change their name as they see fit but will be required to be unique and follow a short list of constraints. A players first name change will be free, subsequent name changes will cost x amount of "Gold".